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Supplemental Terms for Tickets for the 2020/2021 NFL Season

Due to the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the terms applicable to your purchase of tickets to an event for the 2020/2021 NFL Season (“20/21 Ticket(s)”) is subject to our regular Terms of Use as well as these Supplmental Terms (“Supplemental Terms”).

Moduticket is the agent to those NFL teams for whom we distribute and sell tickets for NFL events (each, an “Event Provider”).  Ongoing issues relating to COVID-19 August impact 20/21 Tickets you purchase on Moduticket’s sites and mobile applications, including but not limited to, and (collectively, the “Site”).

Moduticket has set out the these Supplemental Terms for 20/21 Tickets below, which are supplemental to our Terms of Use.


If the event for which you bought a ticket(s) is later cancelled, you will be entitled to a refund in accordance with our Terms of Use and Purchase Policy. The decision as to whether to cancel an event is in the sole control of the Event Provider.

In addition, should the Event Provider determine, in its sole discretion, after the date of your purchase of 20/21 Tickets that seating capacity for the event will be revised due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Event Provider will have the right to cancel your tickets and issue you a refund and by purchasing 20/21 Tickets you are not guaranteed admission to the events if seating capacity is revised or if the Event Provider determines, in its sole discretion, to hold the event without fans in attendance or with a limited number of fans.


It is the Event Provider’s decision when to cancel an event (and apply the refund as outlined in section #1 above) and when to reschedule or postpone an event. If the Event Provider does not offer refunds for rescheduled or postponed events, your 20/21 Tickets will remain valid for use on the date the event is eventually rescheduled, and you understand that you will not be eligible for a refund until such time as the Event Provider either cancels the event or authorizes refunds for rescheduled or postponed events.


Due to the uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic, your 20/21 Tickets August be subject to safety and/or health policies put in place by the Event Provider prior to the date of the event. You acknowledged that due to the evolving nature of the pandemic, the Event Provider will be continuing to develop these policies in the intervening time between your purchase and the event date. By purchasing 20/21 Tickets, you acknowledge and agree that you will comply with such policies and your attendance at the event is conditioned on such compliance. If you are unable to attend the event due to your inability or refusal to comply, you will not be eligible for a refund.


You agree that you will not attempt to evade, avoid, or circumvent any refund prohibitions in any manner with regard to the refund, any credit or ticket(s) you purchased. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will not contact us to seek an additional refund, exchange, or credit of any kind, and you will not dispute or otherwise seek a “chargeback” from the company whose credit card you used to purchase tickets from the Site. Should you do so, your ticket(s) are subject to immediate cancellation, and we may, in our sole discretion, refuse to honor pending and future credits, and/or ticket purchases made from all credit card accounts or online accounts on which such chargebacks have been made, and August prohibit future purchases from all persons in whose name the credit card accounts exist and any person who accesses any associated online account or credit card or who otherwise breaches this provision from using the Site.

If we issue you a refund, we will issue a refund of the ticket’s face value paid (or, for a discounted ticket, then instead the discounted ticket price paid) and all taxes and service fees.  If a ticket was purchased through Fan-to-Fan, and the event was cancelled, and/or a refund is issued, we will issue a refund of the ticket price you paid through Fan-to-Fan and the service fee (if any) you paid. For ticket insurance refunds, please contact the insurance provider. If you purchased tickets using Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or any other digital wallet, please contact our customer service team at 1(800)-653-8000. We will not be liable for travel or any other expenses that you or anyone else incurs in connection with a cancelled, rescheduled or postponed event.

In order to qualify for a refund or credit (if offered), you must have purchased your tickets through the Site, and your tickets must not have been transferred, posted for sale or sold, or be currently pending a transfer.  For transferred tickets, credits and refunds are only available to the person who originally bought them. If you are the original purchaser, you will need to have the transferee transfer the tickets back to you before requesting a credit or refund.

The amount of your refund will not include any of the following that were part of your original purchase: (i) UPS fees if your delivery option was UPS and/or (ii) the amounts paid for merchandise, which will be delivered to you.


If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding these Terms, please contact us at:

Moduticket Entertainment, Inc.
Attn: General Counsel
7421 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy Kissimmee, FL 34747
(407) 343-8578