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NFL Tickets

This season NFL fans have the power of Moduticket SafeTix™. SafeTix are powered by a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so it cannot be stolen or copied, keeping your tickets safe and secure.

Additionally, they offer the same flexibility and features you enjoy to manage your tickets. From transferring tickets to family and friends, to selling your tickets when plans change – you can count on Moduticket SafeTix to always get you to the action in the safest way possible.

Below we have commonly asked questions about how to use your SafeTix on game day. 

Access Your Tickets

How do I know which Moduticket account I need to sign in to?
If you are a Season Ticket Holder, you’ll want to use:

  • Your Team Account, visit your NFL team ticket page to sign in using your team app.
If you are a Single Ticket Buyer, you’ll want to use:

If you are using an Apple phone
When you arrive, tap the notification or open your Apple Wallet to locate your ticket. Hold the top of your iPhone near the ticket reader and you’re all set. Multiple tickets? Just swipe over and repeat.

If you are using an Android phone
View your tickets in your account. When you arrive, simply view your ticket in your phone, your barcode will be scanned and you’re all set.

Attending the Game

How do I enter the stadium with my ticket?
When you attend games, you’ll need to display your tickets on your mobile phone. We recommend using our App for the easiest and fastest option. When you view your ticket in our App, your ticket will be automatically saved so it’s always ready. Here’s how it works:

3 Simple Steps to Use Your SafeTix on Event Day

  1. In the Moduticket app, sign in to your account.
  2. Tap My Events to view your order.
  3. Add your ticket to your phone’s digital wallet to tap and go at the gate. When you arrive, simply open your ticket in your phone’s wallet, hold your phone near the scanner and you’re all set.

Your ticket must be displayed on your phone. Screenshots and print outs will not be accepted for NFL games.

Can I use a print out or screenshot to enter?
Printouts and screenshots will not be accepted at entry for NFL games. These tickets are powered by a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds so it cannot be stolen or copied, keeping your tickets safe and secure. Your phone’s your ticket, which you’ll show to the ticket scanner, get your barcode scanned – and you’re in!

What if I don’t have a smartphone or my phone is broken?
If you have a cracked screen, or are just not using a smart device – no problem. Simply visit the box office at the venue upon arrival. Have your ID and order number handy and you will be issued a physical ticket.

I’m worried about my battery or cell service, what do I do?
If either is an issue, this ticket has you covered. Once you view it in our App, your ticket is automatically saved so it’s always ready. We also recommend adding it to your phone’s digital wallet so it’s just a tap away.

I lost my phone, what do I do?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Simply visit the box office at the venue upon arrival. Have your ID and order number handy and you will be issued a physical ticket. 

What happens if my ticket doesn’t scan properly?
This ticket works best with a bright screen, double-check your settings just to be sure it doesn’t need to be adjusted. If that doesn’t work, visit the venue box office where the team will be glad to assist you.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?
Yes, you can easily swipe to view multiple tickets within your account. If you bought tickets for your group, our simple ticket transfer tool makes it easier than ever to meet at your seats instead of waiting outside the gates. To skip that hassle, visit Moduticket today to send tickets to your group in just a few taps.

Transferring Tickets

How does a ticket transfer work? Is it safe?
Yes, it’s safe. When you transfer a ticket, the person you are sending the tickets to must accept the tickets in our secure marketplace. When they accept their ticket, we issue a new ticket to them. This keeps you protected and they get secure tickets they can trust.

What is the benefit of transferring tickets?
Transferring a ticket allows you to securely send some or all of your tickets directly from your Moduticket account to other people. When you use our Transfer Ticket feature, it allows everyone going to the event to have their own ticket in-hand. It’s easy, safe, and completely free.

Will the person I transfer tickets to need a Moduticket account?
Yes. and it takes just a few seconds to create one if they are new to Moduticket. If they already have an account, just be sure to use the email address associated with their Moduticket account so it’s even easier for them to accept their tickets.

How do I transfer tickets?

  1. Sign in to your account and tap your event to find your tickets.
  2. Tap the Transfer Tickets button (event eligibility August vary).
  3. Select the ticket you want to transfer.
  4. Enter the name and email of the person you’re sending it to, then click Send.  

Selling Tickets

I have tickets I want to sell. How can I get started?
Visit our Sell page where you can learn all about selling tickets on Moduticket. 

What is Fan-to-Fan resale?
Life happens and plans change, so we built a way for fans to safely sell tickets they can no longer use. Right here on Moduticket, you can securely sell tickets to other fans who are looking for seats. Fan-to-Fan resale tickets are 100% verified, reissued with a new barcode in the name of the buyer, and can’t be counterfeited. 

Listing tickets from your account
If your tickets are in your Moduticket Account below are the steps to list them:

  1. Sign in to your Moduticket Account and tap on your order to view tickets.
  2. Tap the Sell Tickets button.
  3. Select the ticket(s) you’d like to sell.
  4. Price your ticket(s) to sell.
  5. Select which payment method you’d like to receive your funds.
  6. Review your listing and you’re done.

How do I view, edit or remove my listing?
Moduticket makes it easy to manage your ticket listings. You can view, edit and manage your listing(s) through your Listings page.

Edit Listing

  1. Tap the pencil icon next to the price on the listing that you would like to edit.
  2. Edit your price via the pricing editor too. You’ll be able to see your pricing breakdown.
  3. Tap Submit Edit and your listing price will be updated shortly.

Remove Listing

  1. Tap the Remove Listing button to the right of the listing you want to remove.
  2. Confirm that you want to remove your listing and your listing will taken down shortly.

Please note: At times, the face value of a ticket is the minimum price a ticket can be resold for. This August be restricted by the venue, artist or promoter of the event at their own discretion.

What is ‘pending sale’?
Pending sale means someone purchased your ticket(s) and it is currently being processed but is not yet finalized. Once your tickets have been sold, the status will be updated to ‘Sold.’